Can't connect to Internet while connected to VPN

November 16th, 2005

Quick tip for those of you using a Virtual Private Network Connection on Windows XP. After you connect to the VPN, you may find that you can no longer access the Internet. No email, no web, no ftp, etc. But you can access all of the files on the VPN network.

What is happening is your computer is also tunneling internet requests to the remote VPN computer. It essentially becomes your default gateway. Depending on how things are configured, you may not be able to share the remote Internet connection, and thus everything is blocked.

There is a setting to fix this. Go to My Network Places --> view Network Connections --> Right click on [Your Virtual Private Network connection] --> Properties --> Networking Tab --> Choose Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) --> Properties Button --> Advanced Button --> General Tab --> UNCHECK "Use Default Gateway on Remote Network". Click OK until you're out of the connection properties. Re-connect to your VPN.

You should now be able to access both the Internet and your VPN network at the same time!

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Posted by Jezt on February 6th, 2010:
Nice and easy, but had me baffled.

Many Thanks
Posted by Free VPN on May 23rd, 2010:
thanks for nice share
Posted by Abe on May 24th, 2010:
If you're in Europe you can avoid paying VAT with a US VPN connection (For instance with Skype and most digital downloads like software). Nowadays you can pay with paypal, which does not pass your billing address to the merchant. One word of caution, YOU DO NOT want to online payment details going through a "free" VPN provider. As their terms of service don't offer true protection of your data. I'm paying $55 USD a year for my US/UK Strong VPN connection through In addition, I'm writing off my VPN conncetion on my tax return since it also provides for "Data Protection" when using public wi-fi hotspots.
Posted by monsieur mike on September 15th, 2010:
hey thanks, i was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why i couldn't get an internet connection. saved me lots of frustration!
Posted by Leny on October 18th, 2010:
I have same problems until I foud some nice software on .All are working great without any problem.Try it!
Posted by Flaim on October 25th, 2010:
I wanted to enter some sites which allow user only from some definite countries (like US/UK), but I'm not from these countries, unfortunately. So I had to hide my IP-adress so I could "virtually" be in these ones. I looked through the Internet and found the VPN4ALL software. It's very easy to use and it has a lot of useful function s like: anchor IP-adress, built-in anti-spam, anti-virus software, etc. They allow to use the fully-functional trial version (it's only limited in time of 1 hour). I liked this software so much and advice you to check it. The link to the trial version is:
Posted by Tom on October 26th, 2010:
I was looking for such option (to hide my IP and for example watch hulu anytime, anywhere) for a long, long time. I have tried many different ways off connecting (TOR, Proxies, Hotspotshied) but all of them were slow, time consuming to setup (I was spending more time setting stuff up than watching stuff) or not working (imagine how annoying it is - you're wasting 30-40 min. to download stuff, read instructions and so on and so on... just to find out that hulu is still not working). With all those half measures speed is also big problem - as it turns out you need to wait 5 min to buffer video up in order to watch for a 30 seconds.
I have looked at other - paid for - options. Tried few of them and I have to honestly say. HideIP VPN ( is the best.
1. Price is very reasonable.
2. Beside US IP you can get UK IP (to watch bbc or itv or listen to spotify!).
3. Speed is awesome since they got servers all over the US.
4. Can be used as VPN (for all net traffic) or proxy.
5. Support and help is great - I even got help from them on Sunday once.
6. Works on me netbook, works on my iPhone!!! :-) (which is cool because on iPhone you can watch BBC iPlayer)
7. That is the best - no more fear!!! With their service I can use torrents again :-)

Overall... for a few bucks a month I got great and versatile service - worth every penny/cent/drahma :-)

PS. As Abe said - be very careful with free vpns - especially if they ask you to download their software in order to use service - IT IS A SCAM. VPN does not require any downloads to work!!!!
Posted by ahsan on November 11th, 2010:
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Posted by ahsan on November 11th, 2010:
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Posted by bestvpn on November 12th, 2010:
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Posted by Darren on November 25th, 2010:
I have to agree with Tom.
tried and I am very staisfied!
I have used advice above! Works great :-)
First I found these sites to compare different services:;;
Since was the first one I read about and it seemed like a good service I gave it a try. It is a second month I am using it an not even a single glitch. Works on my Ubuntu system and thanks to them I also watch ABC on my iPad: this is awesome! :-)
Posted by herr on December 20th, 2010:
I found VPN4All on who reveiwed it as the best VPN out there and I have to agree, its very good. Great support and versatile full of functionality product. Hide IP, anonymous surfing, unlimited VPN, Fast VPN and the best thing about it is that it has P2P servers that you can really use for downloading. Check out the trial.
Posted by Kristen on January 24th, 2011:
Making sure that you are compatible with the VPN also avoids any connection problems. Before you sign up with your provider your best bet is to do a trial (many providers will offer this for free) Check out for a list of different providers based on ratings and user reviews
Posted by barbod on February 15th, 2011:
it connects but does not have internet access
Posted by vpn on March 7th, 2011:
thank for posted, it's working...
Posted by Daniel on March 20th, 2011:
This also works with Vista as well and will be testing with windows 7 soon
Posted by Sreekanth on March 21st, 2011:
Guys - The solution provided is simply straight and superb. I have been struggling a lot whenever I get connected to VPN. With a simple setting change, I could resolve y issue.

Thank you
Posted by ali on July 2nd, 2011:
very good
Posted by Jane on September 20th, 2011:
Thank you so much! Easy fix but problem had me perplexed.
Posted by satyam generic pharma on October 13th, 2011:
Dear sir

This is to inform you that the my go4+ software connected VPN Cantonese
Posted by Bob on November 21st, 2011:
This does not work, as soon as you remove the tick from 'use remote gateway', none of the netwrok resources on the VPN are available!

Mapped network drives stop working! and all other resources on the company network.

Even when IP address is used not server name!


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